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Have you noticed the harm of air pollution in the car to children?

Nowadays, cars are very common in families. With a car, we can pick up children to and from school every morning and evening and travel on holidays to spend more time with them. However, you may not be aware that the air pollution in the car may be affecting your child’s health.

The UNICEF report pointed out that if staying in an environment with severe air pollution for a long time, children’s bodies and developing brains will be damaged.

So how may air pollution in the car impact children’s health?

01 Children are more sensitive to the smell in the polluted air

Many children will perceive odor changes faster than adults. In fact, because of weaker immunity, children’s senses and bodies will react more sensitively and quickly to harmful air. It should be noted that some young children cannot accurately express their feelings to their parents in words. They may only frown and stick out their tongues so adults may ignore their feelings. When the adult feels the smell is slight, the child may be very uncomfortable.

02 Air pollution hurts children more

Regarding air pollution in the car, most people may have only heard of formaldehyde. According to research, however, there are also many other toxic and harmful gases such as toluene, xylene, methanol, etc., which are collectively called volatile Organic compounds (VOC). Compared with adults, VOC can cause more serious harm to children.

First of all, as children are shorter, the VOC concentration at their level is relatively higher. In addition, as their breathing rate is greater than that of adults, they inhale more VOC without precautions.

In addition, children’s immunity is weak. In an air-polluted environment, the mild ones may have dry eyes and skin allergies, while the severe ones may cause other diseases. It is reported that formaldehyde and benzene, as two toxic substances on the children’s nervous system, can cause permanent damage and may also induce blood diseases, threaten cardiopulmonary function, increase the incidence of asthma and lead to lead poisoning.

03 Some common approaches don’t work at all

How do you remove the odor in the car? The methods proposed are varied, such as grapefruit peel, perfume, or a car purifier.

In fact, using grapefruit peel or perfume can only cover up the peculiar smell but cannot improve air pollution. If it is a low-quality perfume, it will even increase the air pollution in the car. The addition of a vehicle-mounted purifier has proved to be hardly useful.

How can we improve the air quality in the car?

First of all, when choosing a car, you should know its condition. In addition to the evaluation of VOC, there are also evaluations of in-vehicle odor concentration (VOI), electromagnetic radiation and other in-vehicle pollution, which can also be used as a reference for car purchase.

Secondly, in the process of using the car, scientific and timely ventilation should be carried out. External circulation ventilation is a very effective means to improve the air quality in the car. After 30 minutes of external circulation, the removal rate of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde can reach 92% and 89%.

In addition, parents should pay attention to your children’s sensitivity and reactions to odors and understand their expressions so as to find problems early and prevent them from being affected by air pollution.

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