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How to Deal With Your Fogged Windshield?

In cold winter, except for ice and snow on the road, the fogged car window also bothers drivers a lot, as it affects their sight to a large extent and may cause accidents. So here I would like to share with you some useful defogging tricks.

Before talking about the method of defogging, we should first understand the cause of fogging. Generally speaking, car windshields are prone to fogging in winter, which is mainly related to the temperature difference inside and outside the vehicle. When the temperature outside the car is not the same as that inside the car, the moisture in the air will produce fog when it gets cold. And when the temperature gap continues to increase, the fog on the windshield will accumulate and finally form a layer of small water droplets attached to the inner wall of the windshield. So if we want to “remove the fog”, we can start with the following aspects:

  1. Open the window or turn on the front windshield defogging function

The easiest way to deal with the fogging of the front windshield is to open a small slit in the car window. This allows the air inside and outside the car to form convection so that the water vapor breathed by the people in the car can flow outside and then the fogging will be largely relieved. However, after opening the window, rainwater outside the car can easily hit the car. So this method is more suitable for a car with a rain cover.

In addition, in fact, many vehicles now have a one-key defogging function, which can be turned on in time when fogging. It is both convenient and fast. It should be mentioned that whether it is opening the window or turning on the one-key defogging function, although helpful in defogging, it takes more than ten seconds or more to remove the fog.

  1. Turn on the rear windshield and rear-view mirror heating function

Of course, driving in low temperature and rainy or snowy weather encounters not only the fog on the front windshield, but also condensation on the rear windshield and rear-view mirror. But if your car has a rear windshield and rear-view mirror heating function, then this defogging job will be much simpler.

  1. Spray defogging agent to prevent in advance

Nowadays, there are various life black technologies. Glass defogging agents can solve the problem of fogging effectively. It can not only clean car glass, but also form a protective film on it to prevent water vapor from condensing to form a fog layer. It is therefore especially suitable for cold winters. There are also many types of anti-fogging products on the market. However, the defogging effects of these products are still different. So when you buy automotive glass defogging agents, you must choose products with guaranteed quality.

The above mentioned are some of the conventional defogging methods. In fact, there are some other tricks. For example, take the kitchen detergent and mix it with water at a ratio of about 1:6. Then spread it evenly on the windshield of the car with a sponge. And when it dries, wipe it off with a dry cloth without leaving any traces. This method works well, under normal circumstances, with the effect lasting for half a month.

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