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Do You Know Why Your Car Has a Strong Smell of Gasoline?

I wonder if your car or someone you know has a car that is always filled with a strong smell of gasoline. Whether it’s a new car or an old one, it seems to be accompanied by the smell of gasoline. Sometimes when driving at high speed, there will be a period of petrol smell, so you are so scared to park your car on the road.

So where does this gasoline smell come from? In fact, in most cases, it is because the fuel is too full. Many people are used to filling the tank with fuel. This may be the culprit responsible for the smell of gasoline in your car.

It turns out that when the tank is overfilled, the gasoline may flee into the canister along the oil path. The role of the canister was originally used to absorb gasoline vapor. When it is immersed in gasoline, it may go too far from the vents. It emits gasoline vapor, especially when the air conditioner is in the external circulation state, the gasoline smell is particularly strong.

Therefore, if it is the full fuel that cause the smell of gasoline, the air conditioning cycle mode should be adjusted to the internal cycle for a short time. In a certain period of time, after a certain amount of fuel is consumed, there will be no pungent smell when turn on the external cycle.

Besides that, there are also other occasions that may cause a gasoline smell. The first is the leakage of the gasoline pipe. If there is a leakage, the smell of gasoline will naturally enter the car with the air conditioning system. In this case, the leaking part usually appears at the pipe joint. And we can find it out through inspection. Because the leaked gasoline will adsorb a large amount of dust after a period of time and form thick sludge.

Another major reason is the aging of the carbon canister rubber tube. The rubber tube that connects the carbon canister and the throttle valve will gradually age as the mileage increases. The aging will cause gasoline vapor leakage, which will cause a smell of gasoline in the car.

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