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Car Tricks

Quiz: Find out the car dashboard warning lights

Last Updated on October 11, 2019 by SogouAuto

Take the quiz and then determine whether it is possible to identify our dozen dashboard warning lights-

We figure out how to drive, repeat the mantra ‘mirror, signal, manoeuvre’ please remember what road signs mean. So how many drivers know their car’s dashboard warning lights??

When Green Flag surveyed much more than 2000 drivers, earlier this year, only 27 per cent said they could immediately identify a reminder light. Another 35 per-cent checked their car’s handbook, and 21 per cent took their car to a garage for help in being aware what the issue was. Some people admitted to phoning someone, a method?that?could easily spark a dodgy diagnosis.

It’s essential to heed any?warning flagging up by?dashboard warning?lights. Typically, they supply drivers the opportunity to have got a mechanical or electrical problem investigated and repaired by using a garage, before it gets serious enough to cause lasting harm to a car.


Apply some grease along at the weekend to lose the annoying squeak

Stop the car: low oil level or low oil pressure

Add some oil in the next fuel station


Vehicle charging system malfunction

Insert new battery into key fob

Recharge plug-in hybrid battery


Take a possibility from driving and play a sport of draughts

Have the diesel particulate filter inspected

Exhaust catalyst has holes in it


Tyre tread depth is dangerously low

Traction control malfunction

Low air pressure in tyre


Radiator needs topping program coolant

NOx measurement avoidance system active

The emissions control unit has changed a fault


Noisy environment; cover your ears

Brake system fault

Hot brakes; pull over and let them cool


Ignition system fault

Incorrect key inserted

Release steering lock


Faulty suspension spring

Tie up long hair in order to avoid tangling in steering wheel

Diesel glow fire up use or faulty


Don’t blow bubbles when chewing gum

Airbag and seat belt restraint system fault

Hands-free microphone malfunction


Check engine coolant

Check infotainment GPS signal

Check engine oil


Steering lock engaged

Heated tyre switched on

Power steering system fault


Ignition system fault

Ignition key jammed

Switch off ignition



Green light! You already know your path around a car’s warning lights; carry on the best work and drive safe.

Red alert! You have to improve on your car’s warning lights; sit a while while using the vehicle handbook as well as a cup of tea and find on top of things.

Car makers use a common colour pallette that, very similar to traffic lights, uses green to suggest get up, amber to supply an advisory signal which might require further investigation, and red to signify a serious problem which requires investigation once safely possible.

Nick Reid, head of transformation at Green Flag, says it’s vital drivers figure out what their car’s warning lights mean: “Warning lights often times will be anything from simple things like requiring you to put on your seatbelt, to something a lot more serious like low oil levels, which will cause irreparable problems for your engine. All drivers should know very well what their warning lights mean, therefore if the worst happen, you realize whether you need immediate assistance or if you can possible until you get to a garage.”

As different models and makes of cars feature different mechanical and electronic systems, the easiest method to brush up on an individual car’s dashboard warning symbols is usually to remember to see the relevant area of the vehicle’s handbook. It’s time spent well which could save drivers from serious trouble further as time goes on.

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