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Cheap batteries costing drivers with stop-start cars

Last Updated on October 11, 2019 by SogouAuto

Drivers are paying above they have to for replacement car batteries because they don’t realise that cars featuring eco technology need specialist equipment. Frequently, cheap batteries bought for start-stop cars then fail relatively swiftly mainly because they aren’t as many as the project they are bought for.?

Nearly 2 / 3 (60 percent) from the cars available in Europe now have either start-stop or energy recuperation technology. That’s where the engine automatically shuts when the car concerns an opportunity. It then fires up again after a driver dips the clutch, or even in an automatic, releases the foot brake. Start-stop is estimated to chop fuel use by between five and 10 %. Energy recuperation harvests the kinetic energy that’s usually wasted as a car lowers.

But as a way for these smart technologies to function, cars really need special batteries. These Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) and Enhanced Flooded Batteries (EFB) traverses regular lead acid cells. The reason being they’re made to retain sufficient charge to generally be sufficiently strong enough to power a car’s various electrical systems like the windscreen wipers, ventilation and subwoofer although engine is powered down.

Spares company Euro Car Parts has reported a hundred per-cent year-on-year increase on the first 90 days of 2019 in sales of AGM and EFB batteries. But it surely warned that some drivers ignore their car’s require for an exclusive battery. Company CEO Martin Gray said: “It is no longer an instance of a cheap battery will perform. It can be selecting the right battery. In the event you fit an improper battery to the car with start-stop, it would work initially but certain systems will set out to fail, originating in the likes of phones used to merely, air con and electric windows, after which it a bigger factor systems, just like the start-stop function itself.”

Understandably, drivers are going to be influenced to choose cheaper batteries from the improvement in price between regular and start-stop batteries. Battery power to get a Volkswagen Golf-size car without start-stop will surely cost 85 together with a four-year guarantee, from motor retailer Halfords. However, an AGM battery for similar size car will cost you 149. And it will cost around 15 more to slip an AGM battery in comparison to the less sophisticated sort. As you move the greater part of batteries are guaranteed for 4 years which enable it to will continue to last between five and seven years, an everyday battery that’s suited to a car needing an AGM type may battle to outlast its guarantee.

Find out if your car will need a special battery by looking inside the handbook. This will give the exact specification of battery who’s needs.

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