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DIY car cleaning just like a professional

Last Updated on October 11, 2019 by SogouAuto

The changing British seasons, making use of their equally changeable weather,?also mark?a?time when?drivers throughout Britain go for some DIY car cleaning.

But washing an auto is not as straightforward just as we like to imagine. At the very least, be the check out?expert car cleaner, Sean Longworth-Smith of Ultimate Finish. The car care and detailing company, based at Brands Hatch in?Kent, is helping drivers primp and preen their cars for Fifteen years. And Sean knows what it requires to supply any?car the professional finish.

“You need to start a routine – cycles – and keep it going any time you clean the car. Because of this you may not miss anything and you will get the very best finish to the bodywork,” says Sean. Here’s an easy-to-follow, step-by-step secrets for cleaning your car.

Step 1: Arm yourself with a pressure washer

A pressure washer is the main item of equipment any driver could own if it is interested in caring for their car’s paintwork, says Sean. “The power of our prime pressure water would be the very best to get rid of dirt’s bond by using a car’s paintwork prior to wash it.” Sean stresses that just a hose won’t have the ability to properly shift dirt – which implies you’ll just end up rubbing minute particles of grit and dirt on paintwork. For this reason paintwork eventually ends up covered in ‘swirl marks’ – minute scratches cut in the protective lacquer of your paintwork. Power washers cost from

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