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Are you able to change a wheel? Most of British drivers say they can't

Last Updated on October 11, 2019 by SogouAuto

Complaining with regards to the state of Britain’s roads is just one of?probably the most familiar grumbles amongst motorists. Whether it’s collapsing verges which can drag cars into hedgerows, potholes that should swallow one of the wheels whole or drains that seem to execute a better job of acting as a plug than, well, a drain, there isn’t any lack of hazards?that may cause harm to cars.

So the final results of an survey of 1000 British drivers paint a growing picture. Despite our cars most vulnerable parts coming under daily assault, the vast majority of drivers admit they don’t know how you can change a wheel.

It’s a concerning snapshot of your volume of knowledge that drivers have in regards to maintaining their car and staying safe while travelling. But it tallies with Green Flag’s experience: in 2019, the breakdown company’s skilled technicians sailed – okay, drove their exactingly equipped vans and recovery trucks – to save the day of nearly 200,000 members, and the second most popular source of the breakdown ended up being to change one of the wheels which includes a flat tyre.

The survey was conduced on the part Leasing Options, and highlighted other worrying trends. Read on?and enquire yourself – honestly now – whether you’re a?know-it-all, a know a little or perhaps know nothing?

79% of drivers can’t?check their car’s brake fluid level

If you’re asking why anyone will need to check their car’s brake fluid level, here’s a simple reason: without sufficient fluid, the foot brake could fail. So, never ignore a red warning light when it shouts for attention from the car’s instrument display.

The vehicle handbook will show you the spot that the filler to your brake system’s reservoir is found (hint: it’s inside the engine bay, not the glovebox) and best, where practical, to confirm this if the engine is cool. The reservoir are going to be transparent plastic you are able to minimum and maximum mark embossed independently. The fluid level need to be between these points; should you be trouble seeing clearly, shine a torch in internet marketing. If it’s underneath the minimum level, your regional garage will look at the system and top that.

55% of drivers can’t change a wheel

Given this can be the second most widespread basis for Green Flag getting its members back on the roads, many drivers could save themselves from your lots of inconvenience by finding out how to alter one of the wheels after they get a puncture. Don’t assume all cars use a spare wheel, so check the handbook for instructions if a tyre-repair kit is equipped spare wheel and tyre.

The car should be safely parked off the road, using a flat, stable surface. Make jack and wheel brace in the boot within the car, slightly loosen from the wheel nuts and then locate the jack for the car’s mounting point (look at the handbook to look for these) and lift the car enough therefore the tyre isn’t touching the floor. Then undo the wheel nuts, carefully lift away the wheel, and compensate for the spare wheel. (For?more detail,?see here.)

53% of drivers can’t adjust the wheel to acquire comfortable

Astonishing but true: the vast majority of drivers can be driving around in discomfort, as they quite simply don’t know how to slowly move the steering wheel in and out or up and down, to enable them to you have to be comfortable and – most importantly – in charge. If it is you, the easiest option to take is read the car’s handbook: it will have a conclusion, and you will kick yourself once you realise the way in which easy it is. Typically, you produce a lever, adjust the wheel, then close the lever. Hey presto!

34% of drivers have no idea of tips on how to check tyres’ air pressure

You only need one unit to help keep your car’s tyres on the correct air pressure: a tyre inflation compressor. You can buy one for?12, which enables it to then perform check whether you’re fitness center with an antique market loading up a back-breakingly heavy dresser. The precise air pressure setting shall be displayed either inside the fuel filler flap, the driver’s door or perhaps the handbook.

Unscrew the dust caps from your tyres’ valves, attach the compressor and?check they are inflated for the correct air pressure according the auto maker’s instructions. Remember: a heavily laden car with the fam aboard as well as a chest of drawers on top needs extra air in the tyres. You may then return this into the everyday setting?later.

Expert advice: Everything you should know to tend to old tyres?

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