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Indication of an unsatisfactory Automatic Transmission

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The transmission is certainly one of the most crucial parts to your vehicle, considering that the problems occur with all the transmission could be expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming. An unsatisfactory automatic transmission normally presents a series of indications, including grinding in gear changes, excessive gear noise, difficulty shifting or maybe a burst smell in the fluid. You may find out about it whenever you drive your car. Modern transmissions have grown more technical and sophisticated with new internal computers. However, rather panicking and expecting to should replace your malfunctioning transmission, just a couple easy ways will assist you to diagnose possible transmission problems. Below is often a brief description of the most common symptoms of a poor automatic transmission.
Transmission Slippage
A mechanical transmission that slips into and out of gear while driving is a typical signal of an unsatisfactory transmission. An automated transmission carries a series of gears designed for various engine speeds and loads. A computerized transmission that slips between gears affects vehicle performance and it is an indication of impend transmission failure.
Transmission Spinning
An awful or faulty automatic transmission will in most cases spin without providing any forward vehicle movement. This normally comes about when a mechanical transmission clutch does not properly engage the transmission gears with the engine crankshaft, resulting in a spinning or freewheeling condition.
Transmission Lag
Transmission lag means a delay in transmission action or engagement. Whenever a vehicle is accelerated, a transmission that lags will fail to engage only a few seconds before “kicking” into gear. Transmission lag normally happens during acceleration with a complete stop.
Burned Transmission Fluid
Normal transmission fluid is pinkish colored and almost transparent. A poor automatic transmission will regularly burn or char automatic transmission fluid and turn the fluid black; often times there’ll really be a burned, smoky smell to the fluid in the process.
Severe Transmission Fluid Leaks
A mechanical transmission that leaks a large number of transmission fluid, whether during normal vehicle operation or if a vehicle is parked is a symptom of an unsatisfactory automatic transmission.
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