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With 2-million-plus Production and Sales, FAW-Volkswagen Continue to Make Digital Transformation and Upgrading In 2021

Last Updated on January 28, 2021 by SogouAuto

On January 22, at the FAW-Volkswagen Group media communication meeting, its brands Volkswagen, Audi and Jetta respectively summarized and reviewed their performance in 2020 and looked forward to the future from production, sales, research and digital transformation.

Looking back on the past year, FAW-Volkswagen achieved an annual output of more than 2.07 million vehicles. At the same time, the highest daily output has exceeded 10,000. In terms of sales, the cumulative terminal sales for the year reached 2.161888, an increase of 1.5% year-on-year, continuing to win sales champion in China’s passenger car market in 2020.

Volkswagen’s terminal sales in 2020 was 1,280,300 units, Audi was 726,200 units and Jetta was 155,200 units. FAW-Volkswagen has also become the only passenger car company that produced and sold more than 2 million vehicles in 2020.

2020 was a year of “creation and change” for FAW-Volkswagen. It focused on strategic innovation, business innovation and system innovation, improved the operating efficiency of the entire system, transformed and upgraded the enterprise and continuously accumulated potential for high-quality development.

One of the core contents of multidimensional innovation is digital transformation. In 2020, FAW-Volkswagen has made substantial breakthroughs in both management digitalization and product digitalization, creating a new model for enterprise transformation and upgrading and leading the industry’s transformation and development.

In terms of digital management, FAW-Volkswagen has built a digital production and logistics system, launched a personalized online ordering system for OTD users, created a new digital marketing model, established a financial sharing center, built a digital procurement platform and promoted talents from traditional business to digital business so as to realize the digital transformation and upgrading of the core management system.

In terms of product digitization, FAW-Volkswagen has continued to increase its investment in manpower and material resources in areas such as intelligent networking and has greatly improved its technology development capabilities in the Internet of Vehicles and intelligent driving assistance systems.

Electricization transformation is also one of FAW-Volkswagen’s key tasks in recent years. At present, the dual-brand electrification strategy of Volkswagen and Audi has been implemented. The C-class luxury pure electric SUV based on the MLB evo platform-Audi e-tron has been successfully rolled off the Changchun base, and the Foshan MEB smart factory has been put into production. The ID.4 CROZZ built on the MEB platform has started pre-sale and FAW-Volkswagen has officially entered a new era of electrification.

As an automobile company, FAW-Volkswagen has always been committed to creating more valuable products for users to meet their needs for better travel. In this regard, the FAW-Volkswagen has launched a series of high-quality products such as the Tan Yue GTE, the eighth-generation new digital golf, the Audi Q3 coupe, the new Audi A3  and the Jetta VS7.

The outstanding performance of FAW-Volkswagen in 2020 was also the result of the further strengthening of cooperation, mutual support and win-win cooperation between the Chinese and German shareholders, which has established a model of friendly cooperation between China and Germany.

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