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Car Care

How to Take Care of Your Cars After the Rain?

The weather conditions may cause great damage to the car, not to mention severe weather such as heavy rain. Therefore, the owner should learn how to maintain the car after the rain, so as not to make the car “sick”.

Wash your car in time after rain. It’s true that after heavy rain, most of the dust and stains on the surface of the vehicle will be taken away, making the car look “renewed”. In fact, however, the acidic substances contained in rainwater can corrode the bright film of the outermost layer of the car paint. If the car is not rinsed off in time after exposed to rain, the paint surface will lose its luster, making the car look more old .

Moreover, when the vehicle is driving on the road, it will inevitably bring the dirty water from the ground to the car body. Not only will the dirt in the dirty water adhere to the car body, but also be mixed with some invisible asphalt fines. If not cleaned up, it will leave indelible marks on the paint surface in the long run, so the car cleaning work after the rain must be timely.

However, industry insiders suggest that the car should not be washed too frequently, three times a week at most, because the vehicle cleaning agent contains corrosive elements. Too frequent washing may wear the paint on the surface of the vehicle. If it is in an area or weather with strong ultraviolet rays, it is best to seal the glaze after washing the car. This will not only protect the paint surface, but also make the car look brighter.

Check the state of the wiper. The wiper is working diligently every time it rains. It can be observed that the wiper will appear aging and cracks after being used for a period of time. Then the wiper doesn’t work well in cleaning raindrops, which affects the vision of the drover and increase the incidence of accidents. It is therefore necessary to check the state of the wiper after the rain. You can turn on the wiper to observe whether there is abnormal noise or whether the wiper pole is leaking while it is working at various speeds. If a problem is found, check whether the wiper blade is damaged or aging, and if so, replace it in time.

The air after the rain is very damp so the inside of the vehicle is easily attacked by moisture. If there is no sterilization and dehumidification, the closed space can easily become a “home” for bacteria growth. When it rains, you can turn on the cold air of the car air conditioner to dehumidify and remove fog. When cleaning after rain, use the special cleaner for the inside, then wipe it with a dry cloth, or open the door to keep it cool and ventilated. And then remove the seat cover to wash and dry. At the same time, don’t forget to clean the rear compartment. Take out the items in the back box, clean it with detergent, and at last put the items back in after the back box is dry.


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